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Sold old supermarket coffee grinder. Redone and painted in more attractive red and all brightwork re-nickeled. Interesting note: The key to hold the grinding wheel to the motor shaft was a 1943 steel cent. Put it back in there on assembly. 

1955 Gas station hose reel. Redone to match client's gas pump scheme. 

Carbon fiber parts built for a couple applications.

Cool old pickup trailer, about a '36 dodge. Chevy front axle underneath with spindles welded straight. Re wired, some dent removal, welding, reims and tires, tail lights, buff out patina, and walahhh. Perfect trailer.  

A few bikes redone for clients.  Reconditioned but retaininig orignal patina and paint where possible. 

N.O.S. still in the crate zero mile Cadillac flathead V8 for WWII tracked vehicles. After much research this was discovered to be for a rare CT-20 Oxford Carrier, a british tracked vehicle. Now finding a new life in France in a tank restoration. 

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