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1920's styled boardtracker cycle. Starting with a mid 40's "Famous James" motorcycle frame. Ditched the small motor for a mid 40's Powell scooter motor. Modified frame to adapt to fabricated carrier. Went through top end of motor and ignition. Found a late 50's Burman trans and adapted frame to fit. Also adapted a 1946 Studebaker driveshaft band brake to stop rear wheel. Built tanks to hold gas and oil. Early cycle seat. Early outboard motor brackets and vintage aviation parts for shift brackets and levers. Early caps and bungs taken from old jug and turn of the century table lanterns used for fuel and oil caps. Honda 50 internal throttle and old bicycle bars. Lowered rear of frame and stretched forks foward. Early pedals. 


A magazine feature in "Ol Skool Rodz." Check out the "Magazine" page on this site. 


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