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1927 Essex Super Six Speedabout Boat Tail. One of just thirty known to exist. This is a series two as evident by the beltline molding. Has the super rare wire wheels and twin spares. This car was done very poorly in the past by a previous owner. Lots of filler over rust. Tear down and resto are in order. The interior area was enlarged by cutting part of the top of the tail out, the trim is missing as well on top of the tail and metal welded in it's place. Many other issues, wrong grill, wrong seats, missing top, wrong tail light, missing some other sheetmetal pieces, etc. Have puchased a '27 four door sedan for running gear parts, some sheetmetal, and many other small parts. Also located new sheetmetal for the pan under the tail, the rocker areas above the running board splash guards, the missing metal on top of the tail, and the wood to replace the rotten stuff. Utilizing the best of two motors, two transmissions, two rear ends (though the one is the proper higher gear ration given only to the speedabout model for a higher top speed) and many other parts collected.   More to come on this rare beauty. 

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